Keep Your Earphones Tangle-Free with Our Handy Shirt Clip!

Keep Your Earphones Tangle-Free with Our Handy Shirt Clip!

Are ‌you tired of struggling with tangled earphone cords while on ‌the go? ⁤Look no further, because we have found the ⁢perfect solution for you! Introducing the “1 Inch Length Small Earphone Wire Clip Headphone Mount‌ Cable Clothing Clip Earbud Clip to Keep Earphone/Microphone Cord in⁣ Place for 1.5mm Wire Diameter Round Wire Earphone,6Pcs⁢ (Black)”. We were pleasantly surprised by the convenience and effectiveness ‌of this product, and we ‌can’t wait to share our experience with⁤ you. Keep reading to find out how this simple yet ingenious earphone wire clip transformed ‍our listening ⁢experience.

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The earphone wire clip is a convenient⁤ accessory to⁢ keep ‌your earphone cord in place while on the go. Made of lightweight and eco-friendly plastic, ​this clip attaches easily to your clothes,‌ ensuring that your earphone cord stays secure. It is suitable for wire diameter within ‍1.5 mm, making it compatible with most round wire earphones. Simply ‌attach your loose earphone⁤ cable to the clip⁣ and securely ⁢fasten it to your outfit for hassle-free listening.

With dimensions of 1 ‌inch in length, 0.35 inch in width, and 0.47 inch in height, this earphone wire clip is compact and easy to carry with you wherever you go. The clip-on clothes thickness of 0.35 inch ensures a ⁢snug fit on your clothing. Before⁤ purchasing, ‌be sure to⁤ measure‍ the⁤ size of your earphone cable and ensure it is within the suitable ⁢range for this clip. Make your​ life more organized with this handy earphone accessory. Check it out‌ on Amazon today ⁣for a ​hassle-free ⁣listening experience! Click here to learn more.

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to keeping your earphone or microphone cord ⁢in place, these small wire clips⁤ are a game changer. The ⁤clips are designed to easily attach to your clothes, ensuring that your cords stay put no matter what activities you’re engaged in. Made ⁤from lightweight and ⁣eco-friendly plastic, ‍these⁢ clips are durable and practical for everyday use.

Measuring just 1 inch in length, 0.35 inches in width, and 0.47 inches ‍in height,‍ these clips are compact and discreet. They are specifically designed for wires with⁢ a diameter of 1.5mm, making them ideal for rounding wires ⁢earphones. The clip-on clothes ⁣thickness is 0.35 inches, ⁢providing a ‌secure grip without adding ⁢bulk or ‍weight ⁣to your outfit. If you’re tired of⁤ dealing with tangled cords or constantly adjusting your earphone​ wires, these wire⁢ clips are a ‌must-have accessory. Make sure to check the size of your earphone cable before purchasing to ensure compatibility. Grab a pack of 6pcs in black today and experience the convenience and organization these clips provide. Get yours now!.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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When it comes to keeping our earphone wires in place, we know⁢ how frustrating it can be when‌ they constantly tangle or get caught on something. That’s why we were thrilled to discover the Small Earphone Wire Clips. ⁢These clips are ⁣specifically designed to keep ‌earphone cords in place for⁤ wires with a diameter within 1.5mm. The plastic⁣ material is light ⁣weight and eco-friendly,⁣ making it easy to attach to your clothes​ without adding any bulk or ‍weight.

Measuring at‌ 1 inch in length, 0.35 inches in width,⁤ and 0.47 ⁣inches ⁤in height, these clips are the perfect solution to keeping⁣ your earphone wires organized and out of the way. Simply ⁢attach your loose earphone cable to the clip and then clip ‌it ⁤onto your clothes – it’s that easy! Plus, with a clip-on clothes thickness ⁣of 0.35 inches, you can⁣ rest ⁤assured that these clips will securely hold your wires in place without slipping. If you’re tired ⁢of dealing with tangled earphone wires, we ​highly recommend giving these Small Earphone ⁣Wire Clips ⁤a try. Check them out on Amazon to see for yourself! ⁤

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

  • We installed these on ‍some of our musician’s KZ iems to keep them from⁣ tugging on their ears. They fit ‌perfectly and perform just as imagined. Great value and product, excellent price.

It seems like these clips are⁤ perfect for musicians using in-ear monitors, as they prevent cords from pulling on ears and are a great value for‌ the price.

  • Perfect for what ‌it is for!

This customer found these clips to be a perfect and inexpensive solution for their Bose headphones, even ‍though ​the cord hook was not wide enough for their specific headset. They found a workaround and are⁣ satisfied with the ⁢overall function of the⁢ clip.

  • They are ⁢much smaller than ​I thought ⁢and barely hold the wire, but they are very sturdy

While⁤ these clips may be smaller ⁤than ⁢expected, ⁤they are still sturdy and can securely hold wires in place.

  • I⁢ initially ‍bought ‍these to use while⁤ I was working ⁢out and used headphones. The⁤ clips were very sturdy and held on really good‌ to‌ my clothes while working out such as running and biking. Their very durable and worth the money.

For active individuals,⁤ these clips are durable and‍ worth the investment, ‌as they securely hold headphones in place ‍during vigorous activities such as running and⁣ biking.

  • Works great to replace the clip on my earbuds. The part that​ goes around⁢ the earbuds cord⁣ is quite tight ‍and perhaps​ slightly too⁣ small, as the hole designated for the wire does not allow the closing piece to fully close. However, the cord is secure and does not move. The clipping mechanism that‍ keeps it‌ on my shirt works great.

This customer‌ found the clips to be effective in replacing broken earbud clips, but noted that the size may be slightly too small ​for ​some cords. Overall, they ⁤are happy with the product, especially for the⁣ price.

  • Not ‍sure if this would‍ stay under during a lot of movement like working out⁤ but for ​my work headset it works great. I ​say that because the part​ of the clip ‌that the wire hooks through is ‌narrow and the cord doesn’t fully insert so it ⁣could ⁤come out. Overall I am happy especially for the price.

While unsure about ⁢the durability ⁤during intense movement, this customer found the clips to work well for their work headset. They noted that ​the narrow hook may not accommodate​ all cords perfectly, but are still satisfied, especially considering the price.

  • Bonito, compacto, funcional

This customer found ⁣the clips to ⁢be aesthetically pleasing, ⁣compact, and functional.

  • Works as expected.

Simple and straightforward feedback, indicating that the clips perform ​as expected.

  • I used these to keep headphones attached to my shirt while working. They worked ⁣ok at this but if the headphones were pulled off, the clip will break in‍ two.

Although these clips worked initially to​ keep headphones attached to clothing, this customer experienced issues⁣ with durability ⁤when the headphones were pulled off ⁣forcefully.

  • Quick shipping, good product!

Positive feedback regarding quick ⁣shipping and satisfaction with the product overall.

Pros & ⁣Cons

Pros ‌& Cons


1. Keeps earphone wire tangle-free and organized
2. Lightweight and eco-friendly‌ plastic material
3. Easy to use​ – simply clip onto your ⁢clothes
4. Fits wire diameter within 1.5mm ‌round wire earphone
5. Comes in a pack of 6 for multiple​ earphones


1. ‍Not suitable for all earphone wire sizes
2. Limited to wire diameter within 1.5mm
3. Clip-on clothes thickness may not fit all⁣ clothing types

Overall, the Small Earphone Wire​ Clip⁢ Headphone Mount Cable‍ Clothing Clip is a handy accessory to keep your ‍earphones organized and tangle-free. While⁣ it may have⁣ limitations in terms of compatibility with all earphone wire sizes, it is a practical solution for those with wire diameter within 1.5mm round ⁣wire earphones.

Whether you’re on the go or working out, this clip will keep your earphone cord⁣ in place while you enjoy‌ your favorite tunes hassle-free. Give it a try and say goodbye to tangled earphone wires!


Q: ⁢How many​ clips are included in​ the package?
A: There are ‌6 clips included in each package, perfect for keeping‍ multiple earphone ⁣wires in place.

Q: Will this​ clip work with all types of earphone wires?
A: This earphone ⁤wire clip is specifically designed for wire diameter within ⁣1.5mm ​round⁣ wire earphones. Please measure your earphone cable ‌before purchasing to ensure it is ​suitable.

Q: How easy is it to use the clip?
A: It’s incredibly‌ easy to use‌ – simply attach‌ your loose earphone ‍cable ⁤to the ⁣clip and then clip it onto your clothes. It’s a ⁣convenient way to keep⁢ your earphones tangle-free while on the ⁤go.

Q: What ⁣material is the clip made of?
A:⁤ The clip is made of plastic, making it lightweight and eco-friendly. It’s durable and designed to securely hold your earphone wire in‍ place.

Q: Can the clip ‍be attached to thick clothing?
A: The clip-on clothes thickness is 0.35 inch/9mm, so it can easily be attached to various types of clothing without any issues.

Achieve New Heights

We hope‍ you ⁤found our review of the 1 Inch Length Small Earphone Wire​ Clip⁤ helpful in your⁢ quest to ⁤keep your⁢ earphones tangle-free! This‌ handy shirt clip is a convenient solution to keeping your earphone cords in place while on the⁤ go. ​Remember to measure your earphone ​cable before purchasing to ensure it⁢ is the right fit. Don’t miss⁣ out on⁣ this practical accessory – click here to get your own set of 6Pcs in Black on‌ Amazon today!

Get your Earphone Wire Clips now!

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