So often hear in low-cost products. They may be a bit muted or slightly heavy in the midrange for what I expect true sound to come through like, but again, this is not expected to be perfect for this price and type of product. Overall, a very clean, good even sound without any noise or overcompensation on EQ to detect. The earbuds fit me comfortably once I found the right angle which matched my ear (see photo). They were easy to open, hook up, and begin listening to music. Comfortable high-grade/polished plastic buds and the wires are not clunky (i.e., too fat or stiff). The USB connector has a nice rubber connecting elbow to hopefully last a long time without any wire breaks. The volume slider control (see photo) is also quality feeling, it is just a medium tension to slide evenly up or down (louder/softer/mute). No clicks or other plastic gotchas, which is nice. There is no pouch or carrying case of any kind, and honestly, I appreciate that as I already have way too many of those extras lying around. Maybe that helped keep the price down. I didn’t test the mic on a phone call. Dukabel USB wired earbuds do what they say and are a comfortable good fit for my ear shape. A great value given the price on Amazon. Good for laptop travel or other mobile music players without the headaches, possible sound quality issues, and battery limits of Bluetooth. A good lightweight, easy-to-pack choice all around. The more I listen and relax with them, the better the sound and experience. That’s a good sign!

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Dukabel USB Wired Earbuds. The sound is clean and even, with no noise or overcompensation on the EQ. The earbuds fit comfortably once we found the right angle, and the high-grade plastic buds and flexible wires were a bonus. The volume slider control felt sturdy and easy to use, and we appreciated the lack of extra accessories that tend to clutter our space. Overall, these earbuds are a great value for the price, perfect for travel or casual listening without the hassle of Bluetooth connectivity. We found ourselves enjoying the sound more and more with each use, making these earbuds a solid choice for anyone in need of a reliable set.

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