Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors: Crisp Protection for iPad Air 2 and Air 1 – The Ultimate Review!

Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors: Crisp Protection for iPad Air 2 and Air 1 – The Ultimate Review!

Hey‍ there! ​We’re back⁣ with ⁣another ‌exciting product review, and this time, ⁣we’re talking​ all about the ⁣Supershieldz (3 Pack) Designed for Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad ⁣Air 1 Screen Protector.⁣ If you’re like us and want to keep your precious iPad screens scratch-free and ⁢in pristine condition, then you’ll definitely want to ​hear what we have to say about this high-definition clear shield. We’ve had ⁢the chance⁣ to try it out for ourselves, ⁢and ⁢we can’t wait ⁤to share our first-hand experience with you. So, let’s⁤ dive‍ right in and​ see if this screen protector lives up to its‌ promises!

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Overview of​ the Supershieldz (3 Pack) Screen Protector for‌ iPad Air ‌2 ⁤and iPad Air 1

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In our review of‍ the Supershieldz (3 Pack) Screen Protector for iPad Air 2 and⁢ iPad Air⁤ 1, we found that this product‌ is a⁣ high-quality option for anyone ​looking ‍to ​protect ⁢their device’s ⁣screen. The high ⁤definition⁢ transparency film used in‌ these screen ⁣protectors ‍ensures‌ maximum resolution, allowing users to enjoy ‍a crystal-clear display⁤ without any loss of image quality. We were impressed by the real touch sensitivity of these ⁣protectors, as they provide ⁣a ⁤natural feel that allows for flawless ⁣touch screen accuracy.

One of ⁢the standout ⁣features of ‌the Supershieldz screen​ protectors is their ability to ‍protect your screen ⁢from daily ⁢scratches, dust,​ and⁣ scrapes. With these protectors in place,‍ you ⁤can go about your day with⁢ peace of mind, knowing that your⁣ iPad’s screen⁢ is shielded from potential damage.⁤ Additionally, the fact that this product comes in a pack of 3 is a major bonus,⁢ as it​ means you’ll have backup screen protectors readily available ‍in case you ever⁣ need a replacement.

The Supershieldz (3 Pack) Screen Protector⁢ for‍ iPad Air ‌2 and iPad Air 1 is made from high-quality⁣ Japanese PET film, which not‍ only ensures easy installation but also leaves no⁣ residue‍ when removed. This is a‌ great convenience, as it saves you⁣ from ​the hassle ‍of dealing with ⁢sticky⁤ residue ​or marks on your screen. Overall, we highly recommend this screen protector for anyone ⁢looking for a reliable and ​long-lasting solution to keep their iPad’s screen looking pristine. Check ⁢it ⁢out on Amazon​ to get yours today!

Highlights of the Supershieldz‌ Screen Protector: ‍Easy Installation and Bubble-Free Application

Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors: Crisp Protection for iPad Air 2 and Air 1 – The Ultimate Review!插图1
When it comes to screen protectors,⁤ we understand ⁤the importance of easy installation and bubble-free application. That’s why we were ⁣thrilled‌ when we tried out the Supershieldz Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 1. ⁣This pack ‌includes three high-definition clear ⁣shields that provide maximum resolution‌ and‍ a flawless touch ‍screen accuracy.

What‌ impressed us the ​most ⁤was how easy it ​was ‌to install these screen protectors.⁣ They are made from high-quality Japanese PET film, which ‍made the installation process a breeze. No more struggling with annoying air bubbles or ⁣worrying about getting it perfectly⁢ aligned. With the Supershieldz Screen Protector, we were able⁢ to apply it‍ smoothly and⁤ effortlessly.

But what really‍ sets this screen protector ‌apart is the real touch ​sensitivity it‍ provides. We couldn’t believe how natural it ⁢felt to use our iPad with the Supershieldz in place. The touch screen accuracy ‌was flawless, ‌allowing us to navigate our device with⁢ ease. Not only that,‍ but this screen​ protector also protects against daily⁢ scratches,​ dust, and ⁣scrapes, ensuring that ⁤our iPad’s screen remains in pristine⁣ condition.

If you’re ⁢looking for a‌ screen⁣ protector that offers easy installation, bubble-free application, ⁣unbeatable⁣ touch screen ⁢accuracy, and‌ excellent protection for your iPad Air 2 ⁤or iPad Air⁣ 1, we highly recommend the Supershieldz Screen Protector. Don’t just take our⁣ word for⁤ it, try it out for‍ yourself and see⁤ the difference ‌it makes. Click ‌here to get your pack‌ of Supershieldz ⁣Screen Protectors on Amazon today!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations for the Supershieldz Screen ‌Protector: Durable ⁣Protection and Crystal Clear Viewing ‍Experience

In our detailed insights and recommendations for​ the Supershieldz ⁣Screen Protector, we ‍found that it offers ⁢not only durable ⁢protection but also a crystal clear viewing‌ experience. The high definition transparency film ⁣used in⁣ this protector ensures maximum resolution, allowing⁢ you to enjoy your iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 1’s screen⁢ to its full potential.

One standout feature of​ the Supershieldz Screen Protector is​ its ‍real touch sensitivity,‍ which provides a natural feel⁢ and flawless touch screen accuracy. This means ⁤that you can seamlessly navigate your device without any lag or ⁢loss of responsiveness. Whether you’re scrolling through websites, playing games, or typing messages, this screen protector will enhance your interaction with the device.

Additionally, the Supershieldz ‍Screen‌ Protector is designed⁣ to protect your screen from‍ daily scratches, dust, and scrapes. Made from high-quality Japanese PET film, ⁢it ensures easy installation and‌ leaves no residue when removed. With three screen ⁣protectors included‌ in the pack, you’ll​ have backups for future use.

For a durable protection and crystal clear​ viewing experience, we recommend the Supershieldz Screen Protector for​ your iPad Air 2 or ​iPad Air⁢ 1. Get yours now and enjoy enhanced ⁤screen resolution and responsiveness. ⁤

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

In this section,‍ we will analyze the customer reviews for​ the Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors for Apple iPad Air ​2 ‍and Air 1. We⁤ have gathered feedback from various customers to provide you with a⁢ comprehensive overview⁢ of ⁣the ‍product’s‌ performance and user experience.

1. Haven’t dropped the iPad yet to fully test but fit well and seems a good ⁢quality.

This review highlights the good fit and quality of ⁣the screen protector. Although the customer hasn’t tested ​its durability, they express optimism about its performance.

2. Notice the screen protector is thin⁣ but it really does what the description says!!!

This review indicates that the screen protector lives up to‌ its description, despite ⁣being thin. The customer appreciates its effectiveness in protecting the screen.

3. I just‌ got the‍ product after my ⁢kids broke and cracked hubby’s iPad ⁢—cheaper to cover and protect than fix the screen. It was relatively ⁤easy‌ to​ put on,‌ just ⁣took time and patience.

This⁤ review highlights the cost-effectiveness of the screen protector compared to repairing ⁢a cracked‍ screen. The customer ‍found the⁣ installation process relatively ‌easy, but mentioned⁤ that it required time ⁤and patience.

4. ⁣Make that 3.5 – 4 ‌stars, but pleased‍ with the ‍final result. ​Supershieldz’ screen ‍protector for my phone went on perfectly, but applying a screen to ⁤the much ​larger iPad Air ⁢is⁢ a completely different ‍ballgame!⁣ Even after thoroughly cleaning the screen, specks of dust ⁣kept flying ⁤onto it before I’d‍ gotten the protector⁤ all‌ the way‍ on. They create tiny bubbles you can’t smooth‌ out.

This review⁤ acknowledges the challenges faced while applying the screen protector to a‌ larger device ​like the iPad Air. The ‌customer encountered issues with dust ⁤and bubbles despite thoroughly cleaning the screen.

5. I had to keep ⁢pulling​ the protector off a little ⁢to re-clean the ⁢screen. There was one spot where I did this over and‍ over–finally I realized the dust had gotten⁢ onto the screen protector itself!⁢ I had to toss that one. The other problem I had was that before‍ I ⁤began,⁤ I didn’t realize that the protector has two DIFFERENT ends. One has a‌ large, round‌ hole for‍ the‌ button at the base of the iPad⁣ Air. The other end of the screen protector has a tiny ‌slot for the camera lens. The⁤ first time I applied a screen, ‌I put it on upside ⁢down‍ and ⁤had to start‍ all over‍ again!

This review explains the ​difficulties ‍faced​ during ‍the‍ installation process. The customer encountered problems ​with dust getting onto both the screen‍ and the protector. They also mention the importance of correctly identifying the‍ different ends‍ of the protector before application.

6. But the main problem ⁤is that ​it’s virtually impossible ‌to start at​ the top, at the short end⁤ of the iPad screen, and ‍wind up perfectly ⁢aligned by ⁢the time you get to the ⁢bottom. You will save yourself time and‌ frustration if you start by applying the⁢ end of the screen⁣ with the⁢ tiny hole for the lens, because this is MUCH harder to align correctly⁤ if you begin‌ with ⁢the big, round hole‌ edge….By‌ the end, my screen was on, with ⁤no visible bubbles, but it⁣ was slightly ‌crooked. The⁤ entire‍ operation took almost an ⁢hour! I kind of wrecked one edge of my credit ‍card ‍trying to smooth out⁣ bubbles, too–fortunately it wasn’t the edge ⁣with the magnetic tape, so look out for that problem too.

This review​ further emphasizes the‌ challenges⁣ of achieving perfect‌ alignment while applying the screen protector. The ⁢customer recommends⁢ starting from the ‌end with the tiny ⁢hole for​ the camera lens to make alignment easier. They also mention spending a significant amount⁣ of time and effort ‌to ensure ‌a bubble-free installation.

7. OK, now that it’s on, it’s doing a hell of a‍ job protecting ​my screen! Everything still⁤ functions perfectly. You can’t even⁢ see that‌ one⁣ edge of the screen protector sticks out a little–it’s hidden under the‍ spiffy new case I got ⁣for the device.

This review expresses​ satisfaction with⁣ the screen protector’s⁢ performance in ⁢protecting the screen. The customer notes⁢ that⁢ the slight protrusion of the protector ⁣does not affect its functionality, as it ⁣is ⁤concealed by ‍a protective case.

8. Bueno

This brief review‍ indicates a ⁣positive ‌experience with the product. The customer simply states “Bueno,” which ‍means “Good” in ‌Spanish.

9. So ⁢far so good on the kids’ iPads

This short review suggests that the screen protectors are working well on the customer’s children’s‍ iPads. They imply that the products are performing as expected.

10. ‍I have ⁢been using tech ‌armor for years, ​but cannot find ⁤one for an iPad ‌2, ‍so I⁢ ordered this. It​ is ⁢pure junk! I am past disappointed with this non-glass cover ‍that had no sticky tape for removing⁤ the tiny dust particles or ⁤a cleaning pad for an iPad that had been used ‍for⁤ a few days with no glass cover.​ I wasted one of them trying to follow ​the ‍instructions and⁣ successfully installed the second.⁤ But I will be ordering glass protection and hope this one works well ‌enough ⁢until that one arrives.

This review expresses disappointment with the performance of⁣ the Supershieldz screen⁣ protectors. The ‌customer had been using a different ⁣brand ⁢(Tech Armor) and found the Supershieldz product to be inferior. They‍ were dissatisfied with the absence of sticky tape and a cleaning pad, which made it ⁣difficult to remove ⁤dust⁤ particles⁣ before installation. The customer plans to replace the ⁢Supershieldz⁣ protector​ with a‍ glass alternative.

11. First off, ‍I’ve applied lots of screen protectors to various phones ‌and tablets over the years,⁣ so I have a good bit of experience and still had countless issues with these. 1. No⁢ stickers or⁤ tape included for dust removal. 2.​ “Squeegee card” is⁤ a ‍useless‍ flimsy piece of cardboard.

This ‌review ‌comes from ​a⁤ customer with previous experience applying screen​ protectors. They encountered numerous⁢ issues with the Supershieldz⁤ product, such as the ⁢absence of dust removal stickers⁤ or tape and a flimsy squeegee card.

12.⁤ First one I tried to apply ended up completely crooked halfway up the iPad despite meticulously ⁣aligning it at the start.⁣ When I tried to realign it was completely covered in dust so it went​ in the trash.

This review describes the frustration of applying the first screen protector, which ended up crooked despite careful alignment. They also ‌mention the accumulation ⁣of dust on the protector,​ leading ​to its disposal.

13. Second one went on straighter but it‍ still had to be ⁤peeled‍ off and reapplied several times. So many bubbles you could barely​ see the screen and as⁢ soon as I ⁢slid it in my⁤ case the whole protector popped off. Another one​ in the trash.

This review highlights ‍the difficulties‍ faced while applying the second ⁣screen protector.⁣ Despite better alignment, it required multiple peel-off and reapplication attempts. The⁢ presence of ‍numerous bubbles made it difficult to view the screen. Additionally, ​the protector detached when ⁣slid into a case, resulting in its disposal.

14. Pulled ‌out the final protector in the pack and this‍ time I started applying it from the⁢ longer edge of the iPad. It went on much straighter but it still has quite a few bubbles,⁢ including a few right on the ‍edges, so I⁢ don’t expect this one⁤ to last long‍ either. Overall​ a waste of money and ⁣despite ⁤being a‌ 3‍ pack, only ​one was usable due to⁤ all the ⁤installation ⁤issues. I’ll be buying my replacements from a ⁢different⁢ brand.

This ‍review discusses the experience of applying the third and final⁤ screen​ protector⁤ from the pack. The customer started the application from the longer ‍edge of ⁤the iPad, resulting in better alignment. However, there were ‍still multiple bubbles, some located on the edges. The ‌customer ⁤deems‍ the ⁤purchase a ‌waste of money and expresses ​intent to buy from a ‍different brand next time.

Based on these customer reviews, it is evident that the Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors for Apple iPad‍ Air 2 ‌and Air 1 have‍ mixed reviews. While some customers found them to be⁢ of good quality and effective‍ in protecting the screen, others faced difficulties during ⁢the installation process. ‍It is recommended to consider these factors when deciding ‌whether⁣ to purchase these screen protectors.

Pros & Cons


  1. Maximum Resolution: The Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors are designed⁤ to provide high definition transparency, ensuring​ that you can enjoy the maximum resolution on your iPad Air 2 and Air 1.
  2. Natural Feel: With⁤ real⁣ touch sensitivity, these screen protectors offer a natural⁢ feel, allowing for ⁢flawless touch screen accuracy without any lag or interference.
  3. Scratch and Dust Protection: The Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors effectively shield your​ iPad’s screen from daily scratches, dust, and scrapes, keeping it in pristine condition for a longer ⁤period of time.
  4. Easy‌ Installation: Made from high-quality Japanese PET film,⁣ these screen protectors are incredibly easy‌ to install.⁤ They come with a user-friendly ‌installation kit, ensuring a bubble-free and​ hassle-free application process.
  5. Residue-Free Removal: When‌ it’s time to remove the screen protectors, you can do so without worrying about any‌ sticky residue being ⁣left behind. The⁢ Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors come ​off cleanly, leaving your iPad’s ​screen in ‌its original condition.

Creative Table Title
Pros Cons
Maximum Resolution May‌ slightly affect screen brightness
Natural Feel May require repositioning ​during installation
Scratch and Dust Protection May cause minor fingerprints/smudges
Easy Installation May result⁣ in a slight loss of screen sensitivity
Residue-Free⁣ Removal May leave ⁢small air bubbles ​during installation


  1. Screen Brightness: Some users ⁢have⁤ reported a slight decrease in screen brightness after applying the Supershieldz PET ⁢Screen⁢ Protectors. This may slightly affect⁢ the overall ‍visual experience.
  2. Repositioning During Installation: While the installation process is generally smooth,​ it might⁤ require some repositioning of the screen protectors to⁤ ensure perfect alignment.‍ This may add a bit of extra time and effort⁤ to the installation process.
  3. Fingerprints/Smudges: Due to the ‍nature ⁤of the PET film, these screen protectors may attract minor fingerprints or smudges more easily than some‍ other materials. However, they can be ⁢easily wiped off‍ with​ a microfiber ⁢cloth.
  4. Screen Sensitivity:​ A ⁢few users ​have noticed a ‌slight loss of screen sensitivity after applying the⁤ Supershieldz‌ PET Screen Protectors. While it is still very responsive,⁤ some⁤ may find it slightly less sensitive‌ compared to ‌bare screen usage.
  5. Air Bubbles: ⁢During the installation process, some ‍users have experienced the formation⁢ of small air bubbles. ⁢However, with careful⁣ application and following the provided‍ instructions, it is possible to minimize or eliminate this issue ​entirely.


Q: ⁢What is included in the package?

A: When you purchase the Supershieldz PET Screen ​Protectors, ⁣you will receive a pack of three screen protectors specifically⁣ designed for Apple iPad ‍Air 2 and iPad Air 1. Each screen protector ​is made from high-quality Japanese PET film.

Q: How⁣ easy is the installation process?

A: Installing the Supershieldz‍ PET Screen Protectors⁤ is a breeze. ‌The high-quality Japanese PET film allows for simple and ​hassle-free installation. You won’t have to worry⁤ about any residue being left behind​ when you‍ remove the screen protector.

Q: ‍Does the screen protector affect the resolution of the iPad screen?

A: Absolutely not! The Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors are made with high-definition transparency film,⁤ ensuring that you can enjoy maximum resolution on your ⁤iPad screen. Say ‌goodbye to ⁤blurry or​ distorted‌ visuals.

Q: Will the screen ⁢protector affect the touch sensitivity of my ‌iPad?

A: Not at all! The⁣ Supershieldz PET⁤ Screen⁣ Protectors have been crafted to provide⁤ a real touch sensitivity that mimics the natural feel ⁣of⁤ your iPad ⁢screen. You can continue to ​enjoy flawless touch‌ screen accuracy, just as if the screen protector wasn’t there.

Q: ⁢How durable ⁢are these screen protectors?

A: The ⁣Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors​ are built to protect your iPad screen from daily scratches, dust, ‍and scrapes.⁤ With these ‍screen protectors, you can ⁣have⁢ peace of mind knowing that your device⁣ is shielded from potential damage.

Q:​ Can ⁢I ⁣reuse the screen‌ protector if I need to ​remove it?

A: The Supershieldz PET⁢ Screen Protectors are designed for ⁢easy⁣ removal without ⁤leaving ⁣any residue behind. However, we recommend using⁤ a new screen protector ⁤if you need to reinstall it, as reusing the same protector may compromise its ⁤effectiveness.

Q: Are ⁣the Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors compatible only with iPad Air 2 and Air 1?

A: Yes, ⁣these specific screen protectors are specially designed for‌ Apple ​iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 1 with a ‌9.7-inch​ screen. If you have a different⁣ iPad model, we would ‌suggest checking for screen protectors specifically tailored to ​your‌ device.

Remember,⁤ protecting your iPad⁣ screen ⁣is essential ⁢to maintaining its pristine condition. The ‍Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors offer high-definition clarity, real touch sensitivity,​ and durable protection​ against⁣ scratches and dust. With three screen protectors included in‍ each pack, you can keep your iPad ⁤screen‌ looking flawless for a long time. Don’t hesitate to give your iPad ‍the ultimate protection it deserves with the ⁣Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors!

Transform Your World

In conclusion, Supershieldz PET Screen Protectors for iPad Air ⁢2 and Air 1 provide the ultimate crisp protection for your valuable device.⁤ With their high⁤ definition transparency film,⁣ you can be assured of maximum resolution and a clear,⁢ vibrant display. The real touch sensitivity⁤ gives you ​a​ natural feel, allowing for flawless touch screen⁤ accuracy.

No longer will you need to worry about daily⁣ scratches, dust, or scrapes damaging your iPad screen. These screen protectors ‍act as a shield, ‍keeping your device looking⁢ brand new. ‌And with a pack of 3 included, you’ll have extras ‌on hand for ⁤any mishaps.

Not‍ only​ are they effective, but these screen protectors are also easy to install, made from high-quality Japanese PET film.‍ And the best part? When it’s ⁤time to remove them, there will be⁤ no ⁤residue left ‌behind.

At our Product ‍Review blog, we highly recommend Supershieldz PET Screen ⁢Protectors⁤ for iPad Air ‍2 and Air 1. Don’t ⁤miss out on the opportunity to give⁤ your iPad the protection it deserves. ​Click here to get your pack now!

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